A bit about me

It’s highly likely that the people reading this blog are my friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues – People who I know in the real world and who have inadvertently had this website thrust in front of their eyeballs via the medium of Facebook news feeds.

If you’ve stumbled here through a shared twitter link, or a poorly constructed search string in Google then I’m sorry, it really isn’t that exciting (though I do put up pretty pictures sometimes).

Anyhow, a bit about me…

I’m Dan

I live in London

I’m a social media strategist, community manager, web editor and marketing drone by trade. I’m a physicist by education. Go figure!

I’m currently working at MOO, though I’ve got agency background at BBH and FreshNetworks with clients including British Airways, ITV, Telefonica, Virgin Media, TM Lewin and a few others to boot.

I like to go rock climbing, kayaking, running and cycling, with a bit of football (soccer) thrown in from time to time.

I keep an eye on Arsenal FC, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Celtics, Leyton Orient, Plymouth Argyle

I love my camera, my PS3, cooking food, fiddling with Photoshop and going to as many gigs as my wallet allows – my music taste is dubious at best, you have been warned.

I clog up Twitter under the username @gecko84

Get yo’ ass in touch…

You can leave me a message by filling in this form (feel free to add your bank account details in the comments, I promise I wont use them)….





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